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About Nakano Corporation

Established in 1885, Nakano Corporation is an International construction corporation with offices throughout Japan, the United States, and neighboring major Asian economies.

Capitalized at JPY5 billion, Nakano's domestic and international operations comprise every conceivable possible aspect of space creation such as educational, residential, office, commercial, industrial, health, transport, land development, warehousing, distribution, and welfare facilities. Nakano emphasizes a combination of the most advanced Japanese construction technologies and a cost sensitive pricing structure to provide highly esthetically pleasing works conceived on precision and superior quality.
Internationally, Nakano has diversified its core construction business into areas such as real estate and construction technologies, and boasts strong working relations with some of North America, Europe, and Japan's largest and most prestigious corporations expanding their operations into Asia. In the 45 years since undertaking international expansion Nakano has successfully completed in excess of 1,400 design and construction projects in 35 countries around the world.

About PT Indonakano

Nakano's operations in Indonesia were first established in 1985  with the opening of PT Indonakano in Jakarta. Along with the growth of its business activities, a branch office was opened in Surabaya, East Java in 1995. With 35 years of service and experience, PT Indonakano has a proven track record of providing international corporations with reliable, high quality, industrial construction in major Indonesia cities and major surrounding regional centers. Our modern approach to factory construction in Indonesia combines advanced Japanese technology and engineering to produce premium quality works capable of responding to current and future production requirements.

To achieve Japanese level quality and a timely response to client concerns, Nakano's international project structure ensures our operational management, engineering, design, and construction supervision is undertaken directly in Indonesia by locally based professionals supported technically by our Southeast Asian office network and international operations headquarters in Tokyo.